by Frank Pollard

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Amos 3:1-15
It is always easy to talk about privilege. Suppose I were
to say to you that of all the penple of the earth you are the
most privileged. Probably you would agree with me -- about
America. Greater in power, greater in the abundance of our
land than the rest of the world. Such military power that
the world literally stands in awe, such economic power that
we are the richest of all the nations of the earth. We
hear a lot these days about inflation and recession, but
actually the Dow-Jones average, even at its lowest peak in
this current crises, is higher than its highest level twelve
years ago. One of the economic advisors for the President
recently commented that the total output and real rate of
economic growth in America is the greatest in history. Our
productivity has so much capability, and it is increased
yearly by better investments and better trained man-power
and by ingenuity that it literally causes the world to envy.
What could ever happen to America? Certainly nothing could
ever happen to us.
And what of the privilege of Southern Baptists? A student
in the Seminary startled a class a few years ago by prayina,
"God, Southern Baptists are in a mess. But you know that we
are all you've got." What could ever happen to us, rich and
powerful and big and orthodox? What could ever happen to a
people like we are?
Perhaps you feel that way about your church and about
your family and about your life. Well you see, this is only
tone face of privilege. When Amos said, "Hear this word that
the Lord has spoken against you, oh children of Israel, you
only have I known of all the nations of the earth; therefore
..." Everybody who heard it knew exactly what he was going
to say next. There was no doubt about it. He would next
say, "Therefore, I will bless you abundantly. Therefore, I
am on your side and nothing could ever change it. There-
fore, you are my favorites, an ...

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