by Frank Pollard

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BROADCAST on THE BAPTIST HOUR, August 9, 1992 by Dr. Frank Pollard of Jackson, Mississippi



Text: John 15:9

The hardest truth to convey in all of Christendom is that
Christianity is centered in Christ, not just His teachings, but
Him. They are not in knowing the history of Christ, but in know-
ing Christ, not in just learning the facts but in loving a friend.
Jesus never said learn this so much as He said come to me.

Martha had just lost her brother, Jesus said to her your
brother will rise again and she said I know Lord, I believe in
the resurrection. He is said resurrection is not a doctrine, it is
a person . Martha, He said, "/ am the resur rection and the life.

His message is not nearly so much as keep these rules as it is
svalk with me.

On that Thursday night, before crucifixion Friday, He took
his twelve disciples aside, ate with them and tried to explain
the coming agony and ecstasy, the defeat of the cross, and the
inexpressible, incomparable, incredible victory of the resurrec-
tion. He spoke of the Father's house with plenty of room for
all of His, and His preparation of the place for us. He reaffirm-
ed that He and He alone is the way, the truth, the life, and no
one comes unto the Father except through Him. He promised
and explained the Holy Spirit. He talked of spiritual warfare and
He explained that He, not that which, but He who is greater
than he who is in the world, the enemy. He told them of the
life they would share with Him was like a vine and its branches.
They would get their power and life from their connection with

Now, I don't know that they had trouble understanding all
of this, I just know that in reading the account, I had trouble
grasping it, until He spoke these words: "As the Father has 1(v1 -
ed me so h(l l e I Isvvedl you. Now remail1 in rtly love. If you ol~z~}
my comtnar?zis you Tvill remsin in my lol e just ...

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