by Frank Pollard

BROADCAST on THE BAPTIST HOUR, August 16,1992, by Dr. Frank Pollard of Jackson, Mississippi

Death: Enemy or Friend?

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Text: Philippians 1:21

Can an enemy become a friend? At Fort Knox they taught us that in Korea we would face Russian
made tanks, artillery, and aircraft. We were told we would be made the target of Russian military strategy
and Russian bullets. We were told that Russia was our enemy.

I remember how we were so frightened of the power of Russia in those days. The Sputnik satellite
was beeping in the sky and we had no satellites. we were certain from the unexplored reahns of outer space
our enemy had the potential to launch rockets on our defenseless cities. The talk among young people in
the fifties was not if the Russians would come to take us, but when?

We wondered. will we remain faithful to Christ when they come, or will we renounce Him for the
atheistic beliefs of the conqueror'? We actually prayed that God would help us be true to Him, as others
before had. There is no doubt that we saw Russia as our feared and dreaded enemy.

How good it is that has changed. Last year word came to us that a young Russian doctor had come
to Jackson on a visitor's visa and we invited him to iive in our home. We learned to love him as a brother
and we shared his agony of being separated from his wife and daughter. We met many other Russian
people in Jackson and hosted a dinner for them. We helped our young friend get medical equipment
shipped to his home town. We met his friend George Lysinka who has accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior
and has been baptized into the membership of this church.

Our church now has a great love for Russia. We've sent some of our best people there to share our
love for them and our Lord's love for them, sending more than 12,000 Bibles to Russia. Our Sunday
morning services are being televised to millions of people in Russia with the prayer that our Lord Jesus

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