by Frank Pollard

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What is God really like? The apostle Paul in writing
these words to us has not ignored the fact of the wrath of God
for we know that the wrath of God is mentioned prominently
throughout both the Old Testament and the New. And we
cannot ignore that either except that there are many who feel
wrongly about the wrath of God. There are those who think
that it means that God finally loses his temper and becomes
emotional about what we have done that was not acceptable to
him. Actually, a nearer teaching to the heart of God is simply
this--that he has built into sin a destruct mechanism, and sin at
some point in Eternity ' s unfolding is going to self-destruct, and
the world will fail in sin. And God himself says, "I will not
allow it to go any farther. " And yet, there is an aspect to it that
is more personal, and that is that God also reveals that he
stands in the very path of sin, and he says, "Sin will go no
farther than this, and I have promised that it will not."

Now when Paul writes the verses that I read and other
verses that I will share, he was not ignoring this reality about
the wrath of God. However, he was saying, "There is that
about God that you and I really need to know if our lives are
to be changed." I direct you then to the third verse of the first
chapter. He says, "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord
Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing
in the heavenly places in Christ." Now those phrases that Paul
has grouped together contain an insight that you and I need.
The terminology "in the heavenly places" is used a number of
tirnes in the book of Ephesians, and in that, what he is talking
about is that God has many things in heaven. And in this
particular verse, the Bible is saying that God has blessed us
with all of the blessings that heaven has to offer, and he has
done that in Jesus.

I learned from this verse that God is always blessing. It
is ...

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