by Frank Pollard

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Broadcast on THE BAPTIST HOUR by Dr. Frank Pollard of Jackson, Mississippi

Becoming Instantly Rich

Text: Matthew 13:44-46

How would you like to become instantly rich? How
would you like to find a treasure, claim it, and all of a sudden
be rich. In Matthew 13:44-46, in these brief Scriptures, Jesus
tells two very short stories about that.

Do you want to be instantly rich? A lot of people do,
apparently. We all get two pieces of mail a week, telling us if
we subscribe to a magazine, we'll probably get ten million
dollars. This comes by seventh-class mail-you know, the
bulkiest of the bulk. It seems if they really wanted to give us
ten million dollars, they would spend twenty-nine cents for a
stamp to tell us about it. Of course, when they don't spell your
name right, that's another clue. I got a thing this week
offering only a million dollars, and I was offended.

But we still have our treasure hunts, don't we? In
Jesus' day, there were no banks, so burying treasure was a
common thing. When war came, people would hide all of
their valuables and sometimes never return. Palestine is sort
of a land bridge between Egypt and those to the northeast.
Invading forces were always coming from one way or
another, and a lot of loot was hidden. It was not unusual for
treasure to be found Hidden treasure is exciting.

I wondered one week if we ever had any hidden
treasure recovered in my state of Mississippi. Well, a search
of the archives revealed there were a lot of reports of hidden
treasures in our state. A hundred years ago, The JacJcson
Evening News reported that four young men knew exactly
where ninety thousand dollars was hidden in Bay St. Louis,
and they'd be back before the week was over with the loot.
They never heard whether they found it.

Twenty miles from Natchez on the Trace is a place
called Robbers' Roost. It is said that this is where robbers
gathered and buried their loot. The es ...

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