by Frank Pollard

Matthew 6:19
By Frank Pollard

There is one supreme fact about Christ we oft times over-
look. He did not come to impose a burden on men; tHe came to
lift men's burdens from them. He did not come to take away
the joy of life; He came to instill joy into life. Too many
times, in this age of guided missiles and misguided men,
Christ has been taken to be a cosmic kill-joy, a sort of re-
sident policeman who raps our knuckles when we appear to be
enjoying life. Before you fall for this satanic slander, let
me remind you that Christ said, "I am come that you might
have life and have it more abundantly.'"
In the Sermon on the Mount, Christ summed up the living of
the Christian life and the opening word, the keynote of this
minagna carta of the Kingdom of God, is the word "blessed."
And "blessed" means "happy." Do you see it? Christ has al-
ways said it, thousands have discovered it -- -the way of Christ
is the blessed way, the happy way.
Beginning with verse 19 of the 6th chapter of Matthew,
Jesus speaks of a matter relevant to all of us. He says that
in this abundant way of life, we need to know how to deal with
material riches. Both the having of money, and the lack of
enough money, have caused more heartbreak than perhaps any
other thing. So great an obstacle to the blessed life is this,
that well over a third of all Christ had to say dealt with the
Every Christian is a citizen of two worlds. And those
worlds are so different! In our best moments we know that
both worlds, then and now, are to be committed to Him. And,
that Christian consistency commands commitment of every part
of our lives.
So there comes a time when a follower of Christ must ask:
"How do I feel about things? If I love Christ, how do I feel
about my car? If He is my Mlaster, how do I treat my money?
I know I'm not supposed to love things and worship them.
Does this mean I have to hate things and spurn them?"
This is not a question with an easy, pat, gli ...

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