by Frank Pollard

Matthew 28:18-20
Are we Christians doing what we're supposed to be
doing? The secret of successful living is to decide what
you want out of life and go wholeheartedly after it. Book
stores are piled high with volumes on how to run, have
fun, and look out for number one. There are books on living
without fear, managing your career, and how to become the
greatest thing since Tide and Cheer. But there is no offer
to help you decide what you really want out of life.
The Bible declares that if you want peace that passes
understanding, joy unspeakable, endument of power from
on high and life, abundant life, then you come- to God
through faith in Jesus Christ and you love Him with all
your heart and soul and mind and strength. The Word makes
it undeniably clear that loving Him means obeying Him.
So a Christians asks: "What does God want done in this
world today and what is the best way to do it?"
This message then is for committed Christians. God's
word today is directed to you who want to find and follow
the most effective way of doing the thing God wants done
in this world.
If your religion is nothing more than a cultural
expression, a habit born of a lifestyle which only allows
God a small part in the scheme of things, you probably
won't be interested in what is being said today.
If your faith is mostly turned inward upon yourself
and services like this are judged on the basis of whether
you got something out of it or whether you enjoyed it,
this may not grab you.
But if you sincerely want to find and follow the best
way of doing the thing God wants done in this world through
you and me, stay tuned. This is for you.
Of course, the word is from our Lord. It is found
in Matthew 28:18-20, the last three verses of the book
of Matthew. If ever our Lord Christ spoke when his audience
heard eagerly every word, it was at this moment. The women
have found the tomb empty and the Lord alive. His disciples
have been ins ...

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