by Frank Pollard

Having Whait It Takes
Psalm 62:7-8
"Does lie have what it takes to survive this? is there
enough inner strength to come through or vill he be crushed
and defeated?"
Eavesdropping is not my favorite hobby, but my scrambled
egg had not gotten there yet, and the man at the next table
was speaking in a loud, resonant, clear, clipped, and cold
voice. If I understood correctly he was, on behalf of his
employer, firing the man across the table from him. Immedi-
ately my attention was drawn to the greying, middle-aged man
who had just had the rug pulled out from under him. MIy ex-
perience in counseling with men in this position made me
wonder: 'Does he have what it takes to survive this? Is
there enough inner strength to come through or will he be
crushed and defeated? The attitude and love of his family
and friends would play a large part. I wondered about thosc
who would be around him in the next few days, but most of
all, I prayed: "O, Lord, may he have within him what it
-T \ thy <4Ais t
6oLi~T -takes."
? W~~. S.s
David had what it takes. God's Word tells us about it.
In his pr&-king days, David's experiences would plot on a
graph like the outline of a roller coaster. He was not the
sto mG or most respected member of his family. In fact, when Saul
told Jesse he was going to ordain one of his sons as future
king, Jesse did not even invite David to the meeting. It is
pretty apparent he did not consider young David most likely
to be crowned king, even in his family.
When David's great confidence in God led him to fight and
N ~P Ma win over Goliath, he became an instant national hero. This
man's amazing character showed itself in several ways. He
did not become cky or arrogant. Ile kept himself in appar-
ent and careful obedience to the king. You can usually mea-
sure the maturity in any man or woman by watching how they,
relate to authority. Respect for authority is always a
badge of true character. Da ...

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