by Frank Pollard

II Timothy 2:9
The finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls made people think again of
the Bible. It's history, names, dates, and places were proved accurate.
It's words met the test of archeological scrutiny. Not that the Bible
needed anymore defense, but the Dead Sea Scrolls underscored again the
fact that the Bbiblet is a special book which has been preserved accurate-
ly under the providence of Almighty God.
On the wall of a certain place in Rome, where Paul, the Apostle,
is said to have been held prisoner is found this inscription. "The Word
f God is not bound." This herioc apostle is chained to a guard and
awaiting death, but he's not disheartened. He has full confidence in
the spread of the Gospel. He writes to young Timothy to be true to
Christ and to the Gospel, "For which," he says,"I suffer unto bonds; but
the Word of God is not bound."
All through the ages enemies of our Lord have tried to bind and
eliminate the Bible, but to no avail. Let's you and I review some of
the attacks that have been made upon the Word of God and be encouraged
by the victorious survival of God's Word in -each instance.
Three kind of attacks: Destroy it physically, keep it from being
understood, and discredit it intellectually.
I. The Word of God has successfully withstood every attempt to destroy
it physically.
The Bible has a record ofsurvival so miraculous that it can only be
explained as Divine providence. There has never been a time when it has
not met opposition of some kind. After the most bitter opposition and
intense it has come through the hostility, storms and visitudes of history
unscathed, secure, supreme. It will not drown. It will not burn. It
will not be torn assunder. A Divine power protects it and promotes it.
Millions of copies have been put to flame, thrown to the fish, cut to
pieces and otherwise destroyed, But this Bible is indestructable. Like
the mythical Hydra of old with nine heads, any of which when cut away

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