by Randal Ross

Mother's Day: Conceived by Faith
Randal L. Ross
I Samuel 1:1-18

(Read 1 SAMUEL 1:1-18 and HEB. 11:11)

Intro: The birth of a new day (a new nation)

A. Today is mother's day. A time to honor those who gave us birth

1. Today it is time to pause from our identity of believers series.

A. Next week one of the most powerful. Want to give it full attention. What it means to be a believer.

2. A special word from God for today. Mother's Day

3. It is important to honor mothers. They have done so much for us

A. They carry that child, nurture them, A mother fills so many roles. Nurse, counselor, spiritual advisor, educator, nutritionist, sometimes hair stylist, accountant, transportation center, maid, peace maker, entertainer, etc.

B. By Honoring Our Mothers (Parents) We Receive A Blessing From God

1. Paul quoting from the law of God. Eph 6:2-3

(2) ''Honor your father and mother''--which is the first commandment with a promise-(3) ''that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.''

C. Mother's Day is a challenging and dangerous subject to speak on

1. Didn't want to make the Mother's Day mistake

2. Some of my greatest sermon mistakes have come on Mother's Day

ILL. The man called Peter; on the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

ILL. Of sermon; everything I know about giving birth to children.

1. One point was it hurts a lot for I have heard them yell.

2. The whistle gift on Father's Day. How would you like to eat 1000 of these?

3. Learned the importance of guest speakers on Mother's Day!

4. Often the best gift I can give is just a word from the Lord! Cont.

D. This morning I want to try again. A special word! For mothers!

1. We want to honor our mothers! Bless them.. Thank them... Encourage them. Inspire them.

2. Thank God for promise keepers and the raising up of Godly fathers and men

3. Nothing can take the place of Godly Mothers, Grandmothers

ILL. One day a man spotted a lamp ...

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