by Randal Ross

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Meeting Jesus: A Reason To Live
Randal L. Ross
Acts 9:1-22

Intro: The Great Conversion

A. This morning we look at the first of our post resurrection encounters

1. It is important that we do not limit the power and the ministry of Christ to his time on the earth for He is still meeting and transforming people.

B. The good news of Christianity that our God, our Savior is alive and still working, transforming those who meet him.

The death and resurrection of Christ was not the end of his work by the new beginning. A new people were being called. A new way of living opening up and there was tremendous excitement and joy among them.

1. He is not a God of the past alone, nor just a God of the future in that great resurrection day but a God of today!

2. The great message of Jesus is that He is the same yesterday, today and forever! And that what He did on the earth He does by His Spirit today. You can still have a life changing encounter!

3. The wonderful joy of Christianity is that when we gather together in His name He is among us! That means He is here right now! By His Holy Spirit.

ILL. The followers of Christ, His church must never forget the simple truth and cornerstone of our belief. He is alive and present. We must never lose the wonder, the awe, the expectation of what God can and will do among us.

C. The story of Saul's conversion; his transformation into Paul is one of the most important in the Bible. Relevant to everyone here.

If we judge importance in the word by the space given to an event then this is the second most important event in scripture for only the crucifixion has more space in the NT than the conversion of Saul. t is described three times with great detail. Because the Holy Spirit has something vital to every one of us.

D. The Story of a Christ Hater who becomes a Christ Lover.
Acts 9:1

1. SAUL WAS ANGRY. He was furious inside. From the first time He met these Christians he ...

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