by Randal Ross

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The Servant of God (4 of 5)
Series: The Believers Identity
Randal Ross
John 13:1-17

Intro: will you follow him?

A. This morning we are going to discover the identity that Opens the door to the genuine life and blessings of god.

1. The door between the promise and the reality

2. It is the bond between the spiritual and the tangible.

B. It could be the one thing that you have been looking for

1. Talked to a man; discouraged and skeptical of Returning to christ.

I gave up trying to be a christian. It just didn't work for Me. Lets analyze it ''i did it all, i gave my life to Christ, i went to church, i studied the bible, i read the Books and went to the conferences but it didn't work. It Didn't satisfy. Something missing for me.

2. That is true, you can walk in all of the identities of Christ but if you miss this one you miss the key that Releases them to a genuine reality in our lives.

C. The story of the great attack.

1. It was the week we call passion week, the most important Week in all of history. The week that jesus died on the Cross and rose from the grave. It was christ's greatest Victory. But it was also the week of satan's greatest Attack. The attack was dangerous and deadly because it was
So subtle. But it holds the key to our identity! To be a Authentic christian.

2. When you understand the attack and christ's method of Defeating satan you can fully understand who you are in Him.

3. There is a statement in the text that prepares us for This important revelation. The holy spirit records these Words. Having loved them deeply, he would now use this Supper to love them fully. Love feast!

4. Remember it was a tremendously stressful and demanding Week for them all. The crowds were enormous. The demands Overwhelming. The praise intoxicating! How they loved him.
This would be the day of his triumphant and theirs too! Remember they had aspirations and dreams along with jesus. They would share it all with him. It wa ...

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