by Randal Ross

America Needs Revival
Randal Ross
February 7, 1993
Psalms 85:6; Hosea 6:2; Hosea 14:7; Habakkuk 3:2

Intro: America's last hope is revival

A. America is headed for judgment

ILL. Billy Graham years ago, if God does not soon judge America for its sins he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

1. The Nation, politicians, people of that nation, Christians, Churches, Families, Preachers have made decisions that will bring the response of God. Judgment is a real possibility.

B. Can it happen to America? Can it happen here in Lubbock? Is judgment possible? Would God ever punish a great Christian nation like America?

1. One founded on God

2. One that has sent missionaries around the world

3. One that has stood against tyrants, Evil empires.

4. One that goes to church as much as we do?

5. The answer is a sobering yes.

C. There are those who disagree: who say that God would never judge a His people.

1. We are the people of God

2. We are far better than most if not all the nations.

3. We have lots of good qualities.

4. We are not all bad, not our deeds equal to some nations.

D. The answer lies in the history of Israel.

1. God's answer look in my word, read history and see what happens to a nation, people, even my own people who forsake me.

2. Israel is God's chosen. His own people whom he planted in the Promised Land.

E. As we read the books of the prophets we see and stare with disbelief and horror not only at the judgment of Israel but the severity of God's judgment upon Israel.

1. The Judgments of Israel

a. Their land was stripped
b. Their children murdered in the streets
c. Their wives raped and abused
d. Their cities burned
e. God's own house destroyed and wealth carried away
f. Princess and prophets maimed and made slaves.
g. Starvation, disease, disgrace to a degree that sends shutters down my spine.

ILL. Holocaus ...

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