by Randal Ross

Jesus Answers the Great Questions of Life: What's in It for Me?
Randal Ross
Matthew 19:13-30; Mark 10:13-35
March 29, 1992

Intro: This morning we continue our series of the great questions and answers of life by looking at one of the most difficult and yet honest questions in the entire Bible! What's in it for me?

A. Everyone wants to know the answer to that question but so few are willing to really ask it to the one who knows the answer!

ILL. Do you remember Reverend Ike! The man who openly promoted God as your ticket to wealth? He often said, "God doesn't want anybody to be poor. If you believe in him, you will believe in yourself and if you believe in yourself, you will get rich. I'm rich and that's because I believe in God and I believe in Reverend Ike."

1. With those words he launched what Church historians say is the most controversial, dangerous and divisive doctrine of the 20th Century the gospel of prosperity.

B. All of us have been touched, bothered, hurt by the expose of three Dallas ministries accused of bilking people of millions for personal use.

1. There is no question that the secular media twisted and distorted and purposefully damaged their ministry overlooking the good but it does raise questions for us all. Affect us.

2. Professional ad-men generating publicity to raise money for ministries. Promises of wealth for a contribution.

3. The issue of ministers as millionaires. Yachts and diamonds, etc.

ILL. Letters to dead people telling them that God had spoken to him just today that he would be healed.

ILL. One letter had a little piece of cotton and the minister said it was the Shekinah cloud and if they would wrap it in money and send it back God Skeninah glory would come upon them.

C. The issue of prosperity and abuse is not new! But one that is vitally important to everyone here who serves God and those who are seeking God!

1. Everyone needs to know what to expect and what the offer God is rea ...

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