by Randal Ross

What I Really Need: Is to Know the Will of God
Randal Ross
Romans 12:1-2; Numbers 22:1-32, Numbers 23:7-10; Acts 16:6-10
June 13, 1993

Intro: What I really want to know is how to know the will of God.

A. If there is one subject that constantly concerns us it is knowing the will of God. Guidance!

1. Are we in, doing the will of God?

2. How can we make right decisions? Is this what God wants from us?

ILL. Combination of desire and worry.

ILL. Joseph Bayley: "If there is a serious concern among Christian students today, it is for guidance. Holiness may have been the passion of another generations Christian young men and women. Or soul-winning... but not today. Today the theme is getting to know the will of God. How we struggle with God's will."

B. It is true! We want to know the will of God!

1. I find that the vast majority of Christians, the kind that attend our church want to really know the will of God.

2. Spent more time praying, thinking about God's will than most would imagine. Even non-Christians often want God's will in a matter.

ILL. Who should I marry? Is this the right job? Making the right decisions, etc.

C. Good news is that God has promised to lead us and to be our true guide!

1. God's word is clear that God will lead us.

2. He will make known His plan, will for us.

SCRIPTURE: 1. ISA. You shall hear a voice behind you this is the way, walk you in it.

2. JOH 16:13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. (NIV)

3. God's promise is that in a confused and misled world we, the people of God, can be assured of knowing God's will. Divine guidance over the land mines of choices we face.

D. Question when why do we struggle, worry and get uptight about finding the will of God?

ILL. Quote from J.I. Packer: "Evangelicals differ from most Ro ...

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