by Randal Ross

There is Still Hope for America
Randal Ross
2 Chronicles 7:12-16; James 5:16-18
July 4, 1993

Intro: There is hope for America! Good news among the bad!

A. America is a great nation! It stands unique among the modern nations of the world in that it was founded under the authority and blessings of God.

1. No where in History, except Israel do you find a nation that was founded for the Glory of God, under the Authority of God, by Godly men and women. For the advancement of Christ.

QUOTE: Senator Bill Armstrong; America is unique! Never has a country given its people so much freedom to worship, to publish, to travel, to choose their occupations, to pursue their dreams. Never has there been a country with so much opportunity, so much creativity, so much vitality. If ever a nation has been blessed by God this is it!

2. No other nation incorporated God into its very fabric as America.

1. In the first Document Mayflower Pact

1. In our declaration of Independence
2. In the Preamble to the Constitution.
3. On our coins and money, in the courtrooms
4. In Congress, Senate and Oval Office there was God.
5. Every President puts his hands on a Bible and under God takes the oath of office.

ILL. Called the great God experiment. The world stood first in mockery and ridicule then in Awe and the Great God Nation developed.

B. As God promised He blessed us beyond our wildest expectations.

1. No other nation has experienced the blessings of God to the extent America has.

ILL. France! Had its own revolution for freedom but without God! Has had dozens of governments while we have had only one. One constitution.

C. This day it is right and fitting to celebrate our history and to rejoice in God's blessings.

1. To remember our heritage and in that remembering find courage and strength for tomorrow.

D. It is also right and necessary that we ask God to bless us! Help us! Heal us once again.

1. There is no questi ...

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