by Randal Ross

Synergy: Releasing the Power of Your Relationships
Randal Ross
Romans 8:28
February 1992

Intro: This morning we want to talk about one of the most important areas of our life as men of God and also the hardest and that is relationships

A. Everything we have studies since September in men's discipleship brings us to this place of tapping the power of our relationships upon the releasing of God's power through the principle of synergy

1. Proactive: taking charge of our life

2. Begin with the end in mind: personal leadership. Direction

3. First things first: the principle of priorities

4. Win/Win: The attitude that makes everyone a winner

5. Keeping Sharp: the importance of self renewal

B. But all of those will not make you really happy and powerful until you are able to tap into the power and joy of godly relationship

1. Men usually do well with friendships

2. But often struggle with intimate relationships

C. What I want you to see this morning is the potential for your relationships so that next month we can learn how to communicate and keep our relationships strong

1. One of the most common problems we have as men is communicating

2. By that I do not mean just talking and giving orders but of listening and understanding and bringing out the best in our relationships. Those around us.

D. We are to be men of God!

1. That not only means men of Spirituality

2. But men of influence (not just business or church, but home, marriage, children, friends, etc.)

E. To become men of God men of power; God has given to us divine resources that lift us above our own ability into power of God.

1. Prayer
2. His name
3. The Holy Spirit in filling
4. The word of God

Most of these you know about and are striving for. but there is one more resource that God has given to us that needs to be tapped so that we can be powerful and influential for Christ and that is the power of synergy.

F. Synergy i ...

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