by Randal Ross

Living for God in Crisis Times: Samson, It's Too Soon to Quit
Randal Ross
Judges 4; Judges 13:1-7; Judges 16:18-31

Intro: There are lots of ways that we differ this morning. But there are some things that we all share in common. We all feel like quitting at times!

A. We come here from many different backgrounds and experiences.

1. We are different physically, color, age

2. But we do share some things and those are the things that bind us together. Family.

B. One thing we share is that all feel like quitting. And we all feel like failures.

1. Everyone here has thought about quitting some time in their life. Many have felt like quitting recently.

2. USA Today: During these next two months 35 million American adults are depressed and want to quit, to run away, to give up in this Holiday season.

C. We are tempted to quit at hundreds of points in our lives.

1. We feel like quitting our jobs
2. We feel like quitting church
3. We feel like quitting relationships on others.
4. Sometimes we feel like quitting on God
5. Sometimes we feel like quitting on ourselves

D. The reason that we feel like quitting can vary.

1. We can be tired
2. Sometimes because the road seems hard and too much to bear.
3. Sometimes we feel incapable of meeting the demands of life.
4. But most often because we fail! Nothing makes us feel more like quitting than failure.

E. First major reason we feel like quitting is failure. Not the failure itself but the disappointment! The let down! The embarrassment!

1. Everyone feels like quitting because at some time everyone fails, comes up short. Makes a mess of life. No one likes to deal with the consequences of failure, disappointment, grief, embarrassment, humiliation.

2. The thought that we have made a mess or that we have blown it in life and we might as well quit!

3. When you fail you often think of quitting!

ILL. Read once of a politician who was the epitome of failure.

1. Twice failed in b ...

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