by Randal Ross

Living for God in Crisis Times (1 of 2)
Randal Ross
Judges 1, Luke 13:21, Mark 8:15, Galatians 6:9
November 17, 1991

I. Intro: We are living in tough times! Crisis times!

A. If there is one phrase that seems to summarize what I hear from people this past year it would be "times are tough!"

I believe it summarizes what many are experiencing in their lives. Or as they evaluate the world around them.

1. Tough times; economically; it doesn't take a Genius to see and know that in spite of occasional good news. That the reality is that our nation, and world are experiencing hard times.

2. Times are tough emotionally

a. The pressure of life is mounting

b. Our confidence in our ability to cope and to make it

c. Life seems to be draining us, overwhelming us, out of control.

3. Tough times spiritually

a. There is a spiritual void, a lack, a confusion that seems to be prevailing the spiritual lives of our nation.

b. Spiritual warfare seem to increase and be more intense.

c. Many people's spiritual lives are collapsing in the pressure cooker of life demands.

B. Few would argue with the reality of tough times but tough times explains nothing! Tells us nothing about why things are tough and what to do about them!

C. There is another word that takes us closer to the source of the trouble and therefore closer to the solution. It is crisis!

1. DEF.: the word "crisis" is the word for turning point. The turning point for better or worse. A time of decision. A decisive moment, a significant event in a person's life can go either way. An unstable or crucial time whose outcome will make a decisive difference for better or worse.

2. These are more than tough times! This is a legitimate crisis time in our nation. World in most of our lives.

3. You can sense the danger and the opportunity. You can see that we can go in two separate directions in tough times.

4. That our lives, nation is at the cross ...

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