by Randal Ross

Pulling down the Stronghold: Joshua
Randal Ross
Joshua 6:1-21

Intro: Pulling down the stronghold: Why Jericho fell.

A. This time of the year as we approach July 4th my heart usually turns to the need of the nation.

1. Next Sunday as we celebrate our history it is natural to compare the past with the present and that makes us keenly aware of the need of our nation.

2. America needs a spiritual breakthrough

B. Not only America but the church not only the church but we as individuals need a breakthrough. A spiritual release in our lives.

C. One clear word from the Lord tonight! Every problem has a key.

1. Or every bondage, every stronghold has one center thing that has to be dealt with

2. Deal with that key, bring down that center stronghold and there comes a release into every area of our lives. Nation. Family.

ILL. Quote from president Abraham Lincoln: Every conflict has a center theme.

1. America is ruled by public opinion change that opinion and you can change the nation.

2. Key then he said was Slavery, America would go free or it would all be slavery. A house divided could not stand! Speech.

D. That is the message of Joshua and the battle of Jericho.

1. There is no story like it in the entire Bible.

E. Jericho the great fortified city.

1. Jericho was the strategic heart of the Promised Land. The land of Canaanites
2. It stood opposite the waters of Jordan River.

3. Those who would take Canaan would have to take Jericho. As long as Jericho stood, a hostile force might make some progress and even take a few other cities, but they would eventually be defeated because Jericho held the key.

F. In our nation and in our lives, there is only genuine victory and liberty when the key stronghold is dealt with and taken by the Holy Spirit.

1. You may have temporary victories but you will slide back into defeat until the key is found, the stronghold taken.

ILL. Once the stronghold is taken it is like a weight ...

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