by Randal Ross

A Time for Eagles
Randal Ross
April 1992

Intro: We are living in one of the most exciting, challenging and dangerous times in modern history.

A. The word that best describes all of our futures is the word change. The 90s and the 21st century will be known by the winds of change.

1. Who would have thought that we would see in such a short time the collapse of the Soviet Union?

2. The tearing down of the Berlin wall that separated that great nation

3. The rising of a defeated nation that had experienced the blast of atomic bombs as one of the leading economic forces in 1990s. Japan?

B. Change is never an easy thing to live through

1. When the wind of change is blowing those things that we have long counted on often disappear bring something new, unknown, blowing us in directions we did not expect.

ILL. 40% of businesses in the world will be gone by the year 2000. In America businesses that have survived 2 world wars and the Great Depression have closed.

C. We live in a world with new pressures and problems that previous generations did not dream of.

1. The linking of the world economy

2. The growing problem of AIDS, disease

3. The environmental destruction and danger

D. Interesting as a pastor that the Bible speaks of such a time. Tough times, when the wind of change and challenge will blow upon the world.

E. I am not a pessimist, I believe that there is hope and there are answers. I believe that the future belongs to eagles.

1. There are two kinds of people in this world. There are eagles and there are turkeys.

ILL. When America was a young nation and had won its independence from Great Britain. The leaders met to select a national bird to symbolize the character and heart of the people. America was a great nation because it had great leaders.

1. The choice came down to two birds: the eagle or the turkey.

2. They wisely chose the eagle.

3. The eagle became the ...

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