by Randal Ross

You Can't Keep a Good Man Down!
Randal L. Ross
Acts 2:22-29, 36
April 19, 1992

Intro: Today is Easter! The day we commemorate the greatest victory of history the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead!

A. Almost 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ accomplished the greatest comeback in all of history. It is the great victory of all times

1. He was betrayed, mocked, scourged and crucified before the entire world.

2. He was buried in a borrowed tomb, sealed with plaster, guarded by Roman legionnaires

3. That was Friday, but on Sunday, God raised Jesus from the dead! He rose both Lord and Victor.

He could not be held down!

4. That is the fact of Easter Sunday morning. He is risen!

ILL. Russian Orthodox, one of the world's oldest body of believers have for hundreds of years gather on Easter and the priest declares he is risen! And all the people shout back, He is risen indeed!

B. Everything that we believe hold dear, everything we believe. Depends upon the reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

1. Jesus said you will know I am God's Son and the only Savior when you see me risen from the grave. Tear it down (his body) and in three days I will build it up!

2. Paul said concerning the centrality and importance of the resurrection.

Read 1 Corinthians 15:14-19 (KJV)

3. The resurrection is perhaps the single most important doctrine, truth of the Christian faith. It matters that Jesus is alive! Risen!

C. The resurrection is more than a doctrine; the resurrection of Jesus is a fact!

1. It has been proven in a British court of law. Enough evidence to pass a jury!

2. It was attested to by witnesses who saw the Resurrected Savior 500.

3. The Jewish leaders of that day could not deny the reality of the fact of Easter! Jesus tomb was empty! The proof was positive! He rose! He is alive! Indeed! 3,000 believed 50 days after resurrection. Evidence clear and convincing.

D. There have been other comebacks ...

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