by Randal Ross

Not Without My Children: Learning to Fight for the Promise!
Randal Ross
Exodus 4:29-5:21, 10:7-11, 24-29
October 18, 1992

INTRO: God wants us to partner with Him for the salvation of our loved ones! Our children

A. God wants us to dare in a dark age to claim the full promises of God!

1. To hold to God's word, God's goodness and promise!

B. We all know that Satan attacks and tries to destroy people.

1. People belong to families

2. God placed us in families to help us and to protect us

3. Satan wants to take and destroy the children

4. The parents

5. The relatives

6. Friends

7. World.

ILL. The destruction of unborn, the killing of the unwanted, etc.

C. God has given us great and wonderful promises that we through his power can win in the battle for the children.

1. The promise is for us and our children

2. That we and our household will be saved

3. That God is willing that none should perish but all have eternal life.

D. The promises are not automatic because we are Christians but have to be contended for.

1. The children have to be fought for!

E. We are called to fight but not just to fight but to fight expecting to win!
1. In the battle for the souls and well being of our loved ones.

F. God's plan for victory in the lives of our loved ones! Our children

Reach far! 8 Points

1. Receive the promise

2. Engage the enemy

3. Accept the responsibility

4. Claim the power

5. Humble yourself; accept help

6. Fill the void

7. Argue with doubt

8. Rejoice in the Lord

I. First step is to receive the promise!

A. The power of God begins to work in our lives with we respond to the promise.

1. God speaks; but we have to receive the word of the Lord!

2. The Word of the Lord, Rehema has power, comes alive only when it is heard and embraced

ILL. HEB 11:6 But without faith {it is} impossible to please {him}: for he th ...

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