by Randal Ross

Breaking the Chains of the Past
Randal Ross
1 Kings 19:1-15; Luke 15:11-25

Isa. 30:15 for thus says the Lord God, the holy one of Israel: "In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength." But you would not, (NKJ)

Intro: The needing of restoration of God's people to the place of blessing and rest.

a. This is the last Sunday of the year; a time of reconciling ourselves with the past and preparing for the new.

1. The no man land; between the excitement, escape, joy of Christmas and the New Year.

2. A time of reflection and hope.

b. I beliEve that the New Year can be the best year of our lives: spiritually

1. It holds great potential and enormous possibilities.

Ill. Fresh, unwalked on snow! Potential

1. Write on it, what we will.

c. A time to rid ourselves of those things that hold us back. Weigh us down. Bind us

Ill. A time to take out the garbage! The mistakes, failures, sins of the past!

d. Before we can move forward we have to deal with the past.

1. Make no mistake; the past is our greatest problem not the future.

2. The past often holds the secrets of what we are and the key to the future.

3. It is not what is before us that hinders us but what is behind us.

e. To a great degree what we are, what we experience in spirit and mind is tied to the memories and the mistakes of the past.

f. The past does not just go away! It has to be cleansed and dealt with effectively

1. Our past sins have to be cleansed

2. Our memories have to be purified

Ill. Too often the sins and mistakes of the past, and its guilt, shame rob us today and often the future.

Ill. Many will party wildly this week and make great resolutions, high dreams but until the chains of the past are cut. The future looks a lot like the past.

3. To be free we have to deal with our sins honestly and biblically

g. Before we go forward we have to go back

1. Bec ...

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