by Randal Ross

Love Beyond Logic
Randall Ross
September 9, 1992
Deuteronomy 7:6-11; Romans 5:6-8

Intro: I want to talk to you about the power of love today! A love that goes beyond logic!

A. Did you ever feel you were too slow at giving answers? That your mind does not keep up with your heart.

1. Most of us would like to be quicker to respond verbally to a tense relationship moment.

2. We have all known what it is like to think of a wonderful retort or response after the moment has passed.

3. if you identify with that late response you will appreciate this story

ILL. A young man was on his first day of his first job. He was a new clerk in the green goods dept. Of a grocery store. He was approached by a lady who wanted to buy a half a head of lettuce. After he tried to dissuade her from that goal he said, "I will have to go talk to the manager." As he walked to the back of the store he did not notice that the customer was walking right behind him. As he got to the back of the store he said to the manager, "There is some stupid old bag out there who wants to buy a half a head of lettuce. What should I tell her?" Seeing the horrified look on the face of the manager turned around and said, "And this nice lady would like to buy the other half, would it be all right?" Considerably relieved, the manager said that it would be fine. Later in the day the Manager congratulated the boy on his quick thinking. The manager asked the boy, "Where are you from, son?" The boy replied, "I'm from Toronto, Canada; the home of beautiful hockey players and ugly women." The manager looked at him and said, "My wife is from Toronto." The boy said, "Oh, and what team did she play for?"

We have all put our foot in our mouth and wish that we were that fast and fancy in response! There are many times later when I wish I had thought of something earlier.

B. But I have learned that it is often not the quickest response that counts nor the one that comes most trippingly to the tong ...

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