by Ron Dunn

How to Get the Best out of the Worst or Victory through Circumstances
Ron Dunn
Romans 8:28-30

We have been dealing with victory over sin, Satan and self. But there is another area of victory we must know if we are to lave a consistent life of conquering and continuing.

There are two kinds of circumstances:

1. Those I can change: these present little or no problem.
2. Those I can't change but I wish I could: these present the problem.

The Key: I want to change ONE word in the statement, and it changes everything. It is not "Victory OVER Circumstances." Most of us look upon contrary circumstances as intruders into our lives, obstacles in the path blocking our progress and we must somehow conquer them, remove them, get them out of the way.

It is Victory THROUGH Our Circumstances. They are the MEANS God uses to bring us to the place of victory.

Isaiah 49:11 "1 will turn all my mountains into roads..." the obstacles become the means...they contribute to our deliverance.

The Mountains ARE the path. We couldn't get there without them.

Imagine the outline of a triangle. The three points of the triangle are the three points I want to make.

I. THE PURPOSE OF GOD: This is the top of the triangle.

"Conformed to the Image of His Son"...Williams translation: "He marked them off to be like His Son."

1. That image is our capacity to know, fellowship with and worship God.
2. God's image in man has been marred, like the shell of a bombed-out building. There is still a semblance left but it has been crippled.
3. The purpose of Salvation is the restoration of that image. II Cor. 3:28; I John 3:1-3; Phil. 1:6.
4. God is working on Two Levels.

(1) A Promise For the Future: I'm going to be like Him! In the twinkling of an eye.
(2) A Process in the Present: It is something going on right now. II Cor. 3:18 "From glory unto glory"... degree by degree...not by one cataclysmic experience.

For some it won ...

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