by Ron Dunn

The Gifts of the Spirit
Ron Dunn
I Corinthians 12:1-13; Romans 12; Ephesians 4

The church is spiritual and supernatural in its ORIGIN and the church was intended and is intended to be spiritual and supernatural in its OPERATION. When Jesus was giving last minute instructions to his disciples in John 14, He said, "I will not leave you comfortless...I will not leave you as helpless orphans." Now there was a good reason for the disciples to be a little bit concerned about the coming events. They had made such a mess of it while Jesus was here, who could tell what was going to happen once He was gone. You are really going to see failure on a grand scale after He was gone. If Peter had made so many mistakes and they had been defeated so many times and if there was so much they did not understand while Jesus was here, what in the world was going to happen to them after he was gone. Jesus is saying to those disciples that when He leaves He is going to do something that will completely fill the blank and the void that would be left by His absence. It was going to be just as though He was there. They weren't going to be missing anything simply because He was ascended to the Father.

We know that what Jesus had in mind was giving us the Holy Spirit, another Comforter, another of the same kind, one just like Jesus. So, the Holy Spirit was given to us to replace Jesus in our lives and the Holy Spirit came to indwell us, every believer, to do in every believer that which Jesus would have done had He been here present in the flesh physically. Jesus said, "My provision for the church is the Holy Spirit of God." Now, Jesus intended that the Spirit of God should be the operator, the dynamic, the power, the motive, the influence behind the work of the church. It was supposed to be super natural in origin and supernatural in operation. All of us believe that the church of Jesus Christ is supernatural in origin. Anybody that knows the Word of God would not deny ...

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