by Ron Dunn

Be Filled with the Spirit
Ron Dunn
Ephesians 5:18

They tell me it is rude and impolite to ask people personal questions, especially people you don't know real well. You don't ask a man how much money he makes. I go into a hospital and someone is ill and has had surgery, I do not pry and ask personal questions about the nature of their illness. If they want to tell me they can. But...I want to be rude and impolite for just a moment and ask each one of you a very personal question and I want you to answer it...not out loud or with an uplifted hand, but answer it in your own heart. "Is the Holy Spirit filling you right this very moment?"

Now there are three possible answers you can give to that question. One, you can say, "Yes, praise God, I know the Holy Spirit is filling me right now." You might have to answer, "No, He isn't." And there is a third possible answer. You may say," I am not certain what you mean by the filling of the Holy Spirit. I don't know if I am filled with the Holy Spirit or not." I pray by God's illumination that before we are through you will be able to answer that question honestly, clearly, certainly. I think next to the question, "Do you know Jesus?" this is the most important question anybody will ever ask you. "Is the Spirit of God, without any shadow of doubt, filling you right now?"

There is some misunderstanding about the filling of the Holy Spirit, but as I mentioned earlier I think one of the greatest truths in all the word of God is that when I became a Christian the spirit of God came to permanently indwell me to make His home in me. Now being filled with the spirit of God is NOT having more of the Holy Spirit than you have now. I've often in times past used that illustration of an empty glass with a little bit of water in it and I've said that the water represents the Holy Spirit and being filled with the Holy Spirit means that I pour more water until that glass is filled. That is not a scriptural ...

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