by Ron Dunn

Lifestyle of the Spirit
Ron Dunn
I John 2:22-25

There are three enemies:

DEVIL (Temptor) - The outside reference to sin. He cannot make anyone sin but he is seeking to lure me away. He came in the form of a creature over whom man already had dominion.

WORLD (Temptation) - This is the bait the devil uses to lure me away. The world is Civilization Minus God. I John 2) The world appeals to our lower nature. There are three bullets in the devil's gun:
Lust of the Flesh
Lust of the Eyes
Pride of Life

FLESH (Tempted) -The Enemy Within .the devil and the world cannot get in unless the flesh opens the door. This is the old nature. The world will never appeal to your higher nature.

There is a command: "...walk by the Spirit". v. 16.

There is a promise: " will not carry out the desire of the flesh". v. 16

The SPIRIT and the FLESH dwell in you and are in opposition. Only one person can defeat the flesh. It is the HOLY SPIRIT. We get into the picture and try to defeat the flesh ourselves. WE HAVE TO DECIDE WHO IS GOING TO WIN THE ...

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