by Adrian Rogers

A Philosophy to Live and Die By
Adrian Rogers
Philippians Chapters 1-4

Would you take God's word and turn with me, please, to Philippians chapter 1, and in a moment we are going to begin reading in verse 21. Just keep your Bibles open to the book of Philippians because we're going to stay in that passage or in that book all this evening. I want to give you tonight a philosophy to live by and a philosophy to die by.

My friend, if you're not ready to die, you're not ready to live and as a child of God you ought to be ready to live and to die. We tell people, Get right with God, you may die. Well, that's true, but get right with God, you may live. You need a philosophy to live by and a philosophy to die by.

When the apostle Paul wrote what I'm about to read, he was in prison and facing possible execution. He's not absolutely sure that he's going to be executed, but he thinks he may be, and so he's just running it through in his mind. He's saying, Well, they may carry me out and cut off my head, or else I may stay in this jail cell, or else I may be released. I really don't know. Maybe I'm going to die, maybe I'm not going to die. But he knew that he was facing something, so he says, I may live or I may die.

Now, keep that in your mind as I read verse 21. Paul says, ''For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.'' Now Paul said, I don't worry, whichever way it happens. It doesn't make any difference to me. He said, I may live-if I live, wonderful. Christ is in me, I'll live for Him, through Him, with Him, to Him... for me to live is Christ. But he said, I may die. Well, that's wonderful, that's even better. So Paul said, I can't lose. Heads I win, Tails I win. It doesn't make any difference. I am going to have it right no matter what. I have a philosophy for life and one for death.

Now, what did Paul mean when he said, ''For me to live is Christ?'' That's first thing I want to ask and answer. Then secondly, what did Paul mean when he said, ''For ...

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