by Adrian Rogers

Adrian Rogers
Mark 8:36-38

I love Jesus because I can. I'm going to ask that every body in this vast room get as still as possible. If you've not yet found a seat, that you would find a seat immediately, that you will sit in it. And I'm going to ask God's people who know the Lord Jesus Christ, to assume an attitude of prayer. These are momentous days in which we're living. What happens the next few moments may make the difference as to where some soul, perhaps many souls will spend eternity.

I want us to bow our heads, every head bowed, every eye closed. If you are not absolutely certain if you died right now you'd go to heaven, would you pray a prayer like this? Would you pray, Dear, dear God help me to understand the message. Help me tonight to learn how to be saved. Help me tonight before I leave, to be able to say, "I know I am going to heaven." Pray and ask God tonight that He would save you. Ask Him, say "Lord God, I want to know before I leave this building tonight, that I am saved."

If you are saved, and you are certain that you are saved. Would you pray, Oh God, God tonight send your mighty revival power. God anoint the preaching of your word. God in the name of Jesus, bind the powers of darkness. God give a mighty victory.

Now, let's pray together. Father, in the name that is above every name, in the name of Jesus tonight we're praying for victory. We're praying dear God, not that people will be manipulated, not that they simply will be argued with, entertained, or even persuaded by personality, but I pray tonight dear God that your word would be like a sharp two-edged sword. I pray that men, women, boys and girls will see the value of their own personal soul. That they will understand the greatness of Calvary, the length of eternity, oh God the magnificence of Your love. And I pray, Spirit of the Living God that you tonight, will open hearts and that many people tonight will be saved. For I pray in H ...

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