by Adrian Rogers

The Theology of a Thief
Dr. Adrian Rogers
Luke 23:32-33, 39-43

Oh, Lord God, I pray, dear God, in the name of Jesus as we minister your word, oh God, that a holy hush will come, dear Father, that you will come with soul- saving power and, Lord, that you will bring the lost to Jesus. Oh, Father, how we pray that there should be tonight a burden laid on the hearts of your people for their unsaved friends. We pray, dear God, tonight that you would draw back the curtain and give us a revelation of what eternity is. Oh, God, may we see the fiercesomeness of hell. May we see, dear Lord, the glories of heaven, the sacrifice of Calvary, the sweetness of salvation, the truth of the Gospel, oh, dear God, tonight open hearts to the truth, in Jesus’ name, oh in the name of Jesus Lord we pray, amen and amen.

Charles Schultz draws the cartoon Peanuts, I suppose the most famous cartoon, comic strip in the world today. On one occasion Charles Schultz had drawn the Peanut cartoon and Lucy and Linus were looking out the window and there was a horrendous rainstorm. The rain was just coming down. Lucy looked out and she was a little worried, and she said, I hope it doesn’t rain until the world is flooded. And Linus said to Lucy, Lucy, don’t worry. God said in Genesis chapter 19 verses 13 and 14 that He would never, ever again destroy the world with a flood, and as a sign of that He put a rainbow in the sky. And Lucy just sighed and said, You know, that sure makes me feel a lot better. And Linus said, Sound theology has a way of doing that.

Folks, I want to talk to you tonight about some sound theology, and I pray God it will do something to make you feel real good. I want to show you from the word of God how that you can know beyond the shadow of any doubt or peradventure that you’re saved and on the way to heaven. The title of our message tonight is this, The Theology of a Thief. Take your Bibles, if you have them, and turn with me, please, to Luke chapter 23 and I’m go ...

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