by Adrian Rogers

Life's Greatest Question
Dr. Adrian Rogers
Matthew 27:22

Would you take God's Word, please, and turn to
Matthew chapter 27. In a moment I'm going to read to
you one of the most searching questions in all of the
Bible and in all of the world. The title of our
message tonight, Life's Greatest Question. Here's the
question. Matthew chapter 27 verse 22, "Pilate saith
unto them, What shall I do then with Jesus which is
called Christ?" What then shall I do with Jesus,
which is called Christ? This, ladies and gentlemen,
in my estimation, beyond the shadow of any doubt or
peradventure, is the greatest, most pertinent question
that I could ask.

And I want to tell you about this question. It's
a personal question. I'm asking it to every mother's
child in this building. What will you do with Jesus
Christ? It's a personal question. Not only is it a
personal question, it's a pressing question. I'm
going to press it upon you tonight and I'm going to
ask you to answer that question tonight. As a matter
of fact, I'm going to require you to answer that
question tonight. You say, I'm not going to answer
it. Then you've already answered it. Because not to
answer this question is to do something with Jesus,
and it is to ignore Him. Everybody is going to deal
with this question tonight. It is a personal
question. It is a pressing question. It is a
pertinent question because it deals with life and
death, heaven or hell. Your eternal destiny hinges
upon the way you answer this question: What shall I
do with Jesus, who is called Christ?

Now, if you're a Bible student, you'll recognize
the setting of this question--that Jesus Christ has
finished His earthly ministry and it is coming to a
close. He has been arrested. He is now standing
before Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, and the
people are clamoring for capital punishment. They are
saying that Jesus Christ ought to be crucif ...

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