by Adrian Rogers

Millionaire Marriages
Adrian Rogers
Genesis 2:18-25

Thank you Cybil, that was wonderful. Take God's Word and find Genesis chapter 2, that ought to be easy to find. And uh when you found it, look up here. Years ago, I read a story about an old prospector. They found his skeleton. He had died out in the wilderness somewhere in the Yukon. And not too far away they found his old mule. Evidently he had tied the mule and died and the mule stayed there until the old mule died. The mule was laden down with saddle bags. Those saddle bags were filled with ore because this was a prospector on his search for gold. And they went through the prospector's bags and they found out the old mule had been laden down with what they call "fool's gold". It wasn't true gold at all. It was absolutely worthless. He'd been packing around this dirt, these minerals, this mock gold, this fool's gold. There he died. The old mule died. The irony of the whole thing is that before the old prospector died, he had written a note and put it in his saddle bag, and this is what it said, I died rich. ha ha I died rich. There he was, out in the wilderness, living it hard with an old mule. Died perhaps in agony and in pain with his saddle bags full of dirt and he said, I died rich. Well, ha ha ha he didn't know what true value was did he? We live in a generation today that doesn't understand true value. That's the reason I'm speaking today on treasuring family values. And in order to understand what we're talking about we're going to have to first understand what we mean by family. Because we have some people today who want to redefine the word family and then we have people today who have absolutely no basis for true value. And so we're going to be looking at Adam and Eve, the first family. And by the way, they are the first family. Not Bill and Hillary, but Adam and Eve are the first family. And we're going to be looking at the first family today and find out some things about marriage. ...

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