by Adrian Rogers

Grace - Greater Than Our Guilt
Adrian Rogers
Psalm 38

Take God's precious Word, the Holy Bible, by the way, did you bring your Bible? Hold your Bibles up, let me see them. Hold them up, I want to look at them. You've got all kinds of colors. Let's wave them at the Lord, amen. Thank God for His Word. Take it down and turn if you will to Psalm 38. And uh the title of our sermon tonight is just a continuation of the theme of grace and it is Grace - Greater Than Our Guilt. You know, I spoke this morning about the person who is a a perfectionist who's in the performance trap and we said that one of the problems with that kind of an individual is unresolved guilt, unresolved guilt. He has unrealistic goals. And he has unresolved guilt, and he has unrealized glory. He never gets what he wants. And I want us to look at the middle of this thing here and uh find out what to do with our guilt. And incidentally, if you were to ask an individual, what is guilt? The average individual would say, well, guilt that's the that's the feeling you have when you do something wrong. Well, that's not true. That's not what guilt is. That's the guilt feeling. If you put your hand on a hot stove and you have pain, the pain is not the burn. It's the burn that causes the pain. The burn is the raw skin. The burn is the blister. And so the feeling that you have, that guilt feeling, that is no guilt, it is guilt feeling. Now we want to do something about that feeling, but it would be sad indeed to do something about that feeling and not do anything about the guilt. Guilt is the condition and the punishment of that condition is God's wrath. Something must be done, not about the feeling, but about the condition. That's the reason that no psychiatrist on this earth, no psychologist on this earth and no educator on this earth can deal with guilt. Unless, they do it with the grace of God.

Now, thank God for Christian psychiatrists. Thank God for Christian psychologists. Thank God for Chris ...

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