by Adrian Rogers

Abounding In Victory Thru Amazing Grace
Adrian Rogers
Romans 7:1-4

Well, would you turn please to Romans chapter seven, and uh we're going to continue where we left off in a sense this morning where we we're speaking about abounding victory through amazing grace and so we'll just call this Part II of that message and turn here to Romans chapter seven. We were in Romans chapter six. Have you ever noticed that sometimes there seems to be a contradiction in what the Bible says about us and what we know about us. A gap between what God says we are and what we appear to be. For example, the Bible says that we are complete in Him and yet most of us feel incomplete. The Bible says that we are overcomers and yet many of us are overcome. The Bible says that we have peace that passes understanding and many of us are worried and distraught and upset. Jesus said if we would come to Him and drink, we would never thirst again, and yet many of us are dissatisfied, on a quest, can't seem to be satisfied. There are deep thirst in our hearts and yet Jesus said, if we'll come to Him we'll never thirst again. He said that we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us and yet many of us are living lives of defeat. He says that by faith we have overcome the world, and yet the world seems to be overcoming us. The Bible says one thing about us and yet our experience says something else about us. Now, what are we going to do? Are we going to bring the Bible down to the level of our experience or are we going to bring our experience up to the level of the Bible. Now. somehow there's a contradiction and there's a gap that we have to deal with. The Bible describes us one way, but experience tells us that we're not that way. Well, now there two words that are very important to us. One is provision and the other is appropriation. God has provided all of these things but we have not appropriated all of these things. You see, anything God does, He does absolutely, He does complete ...

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