by Adrian Rogers

The Miracle Mile
Adrian Rogers
Matthew 5:38-42

We're preaching through the Sermon on the Mount. And we're
in Matthew chapter five would you be finding it please. Matthew
chapter five. In just a moment, we're going to read beginning in
verse thirty-eight and read right on through to verse forty-two.
Matthew five thirty-eight through forty-two.

I picked up the newspaper the other day and read an article
about a book written by the feminist Gloria Steinem. She'd made
a name for herself as I guess a radical feminist and the title of
the book was this. Revolution from within, a book of self-
esteem. And somebody has gone through that book and noted the
following facts. I did not read the book but here's what she
mentions about self in that book. She mentions inner-self five
times, self-esteem one hundred and seventy-two times, future self
thirty eight times, true-self twenty times, false-self seven
times, present-self six times. She also mentions self-love,
self-alienation, self-contentedness, unique self, self wisdom,
self healing, self rescue, self denigration, the astronomy of the
self, universal self, past self, forgotten self, older self,
back-of-the-mind self, front-of-the-mind self, teenage self,
internal worthless self, external sexually valuable self,
inflated self, self empowerment, self belief, self complexion,
best self, optimum self. Sounds a little self-centered doesn't

Well, we live in a world that is very very self-centered
world. And, somebody has well said that people who are alI
wrapped up in themselves make a very small package. How're we
going to get outside of ourselves. How are we going to learn the
joy of a selfless and Christ-filled life. The passage that I'm
going to read to you will tell you all about it. The title of
the message this morning, The Miracle Mile.

Now, look in you will in Matthew chapter five beginning in
verse thirty-eight. Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye
for ...

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