by Adrian Rogers

Doors To The World
Adrian Rogers
Acts 8-10

Would you take God's word, and open please with me to Acts, the book of Acts chapter eight. Actually were going to be looking in chapter's eight, nine and ten. Now, don't get worried, obviously were not going to be able to deal with every verse in those chapters. But in those chapters we're going to see the conversion of three men who represent to be the entire world. The title of our message is, "Doors to the World." Doors to the world. Our world population is rapidly growing. Did you know that every two point eight seconds, a child is born. Think of it. Every two point eight seconds there are ten thousand three hundred people born every hour. Two hundred and forty seven thousand are born into this world every day. Ninety million are born into this world every year. That's incredible isn't it? We're in the midst of what we call a population explosion. For example, from creation till eighteen fifty, there were only one billion people in the world. From creation till eighteen fifty. And then my dear friend, from nineteen, from eighteen fifty, to nineteen thirty, a lot shorter time there were two billion people. And then from nineteen thirty to only nineteen sixty, there were three billion people. And then from nineteen sixty to nineteen seventy five, there were four billion people. And today there are five billion plus. And soon if Jesus tarries, six billion people. Call it a population explosion. And many of them have never heard the truth Jesus loves me this I know. Let me give you a staggering thought. Of all of the people who have ever lived since the beginning of creation, more than half of them are alive today. All of the people who have ever lived from the beginning of creation. Over one half of them are alive today. And we have an opportunity and an ability to take the gospel like we have never had before. And it just thrills me to think and those of you who help us to do this on Love Worth Finding, ...

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