by Adrian Rogers

Sick Dogs And Dirty Hogs
Adrian Rogers
II Peter 2:17-22

Would you take God's Word, turn second Peter the second chapter. Were going to begin this morning where we left off last week, and we left off in verse sixteen and we began today in verse seventeen. Second Peter chapter two and verse seventeen. I don't know whether you ever read Peanuts in the funny papers, but Lucy was talking with Linus. And they were both looking out the window. And it was just raining and raining and raining a deluge. And Lucy said, "Do you think it is just going to flood the whole world"? And Linus said "Oh no, It will never do that. God says in Genesis chapter nine that he'd only destroy the world once with a flood. And he sent a rainbow in the sky as a promise that it would never happen again." Lucy said, "That sure takes a load off my shoulders." And Linus said, "Sound doctrine has a way of doing that". Now my dear friend, I hope today that we can understand the joy of authentic Christianity. Sound doctrine. Sound doctrine, that's what second Peter is all about. Authentic Christianity - because there was a problem in that day, as there is in this day. Now I said we were going to begin reading in verse seventeen, but look if you will in chapter two, verse two. "There were false prophets also among the people. Even as there shall be false teachers among you." Now the word false is the word, the Greek word that we get our English word pseudo from. Pseudo prophets. Pseudo teachers. And then look if you will in verse three, "And through covetousness shall they with fain words make merchandise of him." You see the word feigned in verse three? It's the Greek word plastos. It's the word we get our word plastic from. Pseudo prophets. Plastic preachers. Making merchandise of the gospel. Hucksters of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And what do these plastic preachers produce? They produce counterfeit Christians. Now a counterfeit bill may do some good. You can take a count ...

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