by Adrian Rogers

Super Success
Adrian Rogers
Genesis 24:1-56

Turn in God's Word to Genesis chapter 24 and look up here. May I tell you that it is my dear friend, fourth down and goal to goal. Down number one - God looked down and saw the sons of men and there was none righteous, no not one. Down number two - Jesus Christ came down out of heaven, born of a virgin, became a man. Down number three - He laid down his life for you and for me. Down number four - He's coming down soon to take us home to heaven and goal to goal. I'm so excited about that dear friend and I'd rather be here tonight uh then in the Super Bowl and God knows I mean it. I'd rather be here tonight in the house of God with God's dear people. What a thrill, what a joy to be here tonight. And I want to speak to you tonight on this subject, "Super Success", super success. Look if you will please in uh chapter 24 and verse 12. "And he said - and the he refers to Eleazar, Abraham's servant - And he said, O Lord God of my master Abraham, I pray thee, send me good speed this day, and shew kindness unto my master Abraham." Now the word "good speed" is translated success in the New International Version of the Bible and it is used at least five times in this chapter. Now I want to tell you tonight from God's Word and not just a pep talk, but I believe a theologically sound message, how to have the success that God wants you to have. And what is success? Ha ha It's not necessarily being famous, not necessarily being wealthy or healthy, but success is the progressive realization of the goal of God for your life. The apostle Paul said that I might lay hold upon that for which God has laid hold upon me. Now in the background for this 24th chapter of Genesis that we're going to be in, Abraham has sent Eleazar to seek out a bride for Isaac. Isaac is a type or picture of the Lord Jesus Christ. The bride is a picture of the church. Abraham is a picture of God the Father and Eleazar is a picture of the Holy Spirit. A ...

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