by Adrian Rogers

How To Handle Temptation
Adrian Rogers
Luke 4:1-18; 3:21-22

Would you open your Bibles tonight please for our Bible study to Luke chapter four. I want to speak to you tonight about how to handle temptation. Anybody here ever get tempted? Let me see your hand. Well, never mind. I know. Listen, folks, we are all tempted. Now, that temptation is common to man. We are going to see that. And what I am going to be talking with you about tonight is how to handle temptation. The passage that we have before us tonight speaks of the nature of temptation and it also speaks of the means of victory. Now, we need to study it really for three reasons. Number one, there's an enemy who would harm us. Satan is very real. When I was at college, I went to a liberal college, it called itself a Baptist college, but the religion department was liberal. And I was told there in that religion department, there is no real personal devil. That uh, the devil is only the personification of evil. That is, this was in peoples mind. They conceived of evil like evil was a person. But they did not believe, at least the professor that I had, did not believe in a real personal devil. Well, your going to find here the temptation of the Lord Jesus Christ. And your going to find out here where Satan came, and it cost the Lord Jesus Christ. And may I tell you that there was no evil in Jesus to personify. What I'm trying to say is, that we need to take the Bible at face value. And you need to study this passage of scripture, number one, because there is a devil to harm us. Number two, our experience to humble us. I mean dear folks, that most of us have failed if we would be honest. We have failed and do fail. And so everyone of us, it behooves everyone of us to say Lord God, open my heart, help me tonight. Teach me, if I can learn to be an overcomer rather than overcome. If I can learn to be a victor, rather than a victim. But not only is there an enemy to harm us, and there are not only is there a ...

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