by Adrian Rogers

The Crowded-Out Christ
Adrian Rogers
Luke 2:1-7

Would you take God's word and turn to the gospel of Luke, the second chapter, a very familiar passage of scripture. We're going to read the first seven verses in just a moment. But may I say that while we're thinking of a holy night, the night divine, as Jennifer has just sung about, tragically the next few days for many will be days of rushing around, or hurry and worry. Fighting traffic in the department stores, out feet's burning, our heads aching, our nerves frayed. A little girl who was reciting the Lord's Prayer meant to say, ''Forgive us our trespasses,'' but she said, ''Forgive us our Christmases.'' I believe that many of us perhaps need to pray that prayer, ''Lord, forgive us our Christmases.'' The first Christmas there was no room for the Lord Jesus in the inn. I'm afraid that today for many there will be no room for Jesus.

I want to speak today on this subject, ''The Crowded-Out Christ,'' the crowded-out Christ. [read Luke 2:1-7]

And for many people, the Christmas bells are the jingle of the cash register. And the spirit of King Midas has taken over the spirit of the King of kings, the Lord Jesus. And I believe that there may have been in this innkeeper's heart just a little coldness, a little callousness. The Bible says here in verse five that Mary was great with child. She's about to be delivered. I mean would you say to a young man and a his wife who is about to give birth to a child, we don't have any room for you. You say, ''Pastor, honestly, maybe he really didn't have any room.'' I know there was one room he could have given. That was his own. He could have given his own room. There was room.

You know there's an old story about a man who came to a hotel, and the man behind the desk said, ''Well, we just don't have any room, sir.'' He said, ''Well I want to ask you a question? If the President of the United States were coming would you have a room for him?'' ''Well'' he said, ''yes ...

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