by Adrian Rogers

The New World Order
Revelation 11:15
Adrian Rogers

I want you to take God's word today and turn with me please to Revelation chapter eleven, and I want you to see a very marvelous, marvelous verse. Revelation chapter eleven and verse fifteen, "And the seventh angel sounded and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ and he shall reign for ever and ever."

In the Gulf War Crisis, President George Bush came on television and he talked about how all of the nations of the world were assembled against the Babylonian bully and butcher, Saddam Hussein, and how the UN was meeting and passing resolutions and how allies were gathering together, and over and over again, our President, whom I love and support, used a phrase that bothered me. He kept speaking of a new world order. And that has become a catch phrase now with the commentators and the pundents, A new world order, Well, that's the title of my message this morning, "The Coming New World Order." It is coming dear friend, but it is not here. I can tell you beyond the shadow of any doubt or peradventure, that what we have today is the same old disorder under a different title. That's all that it is.

I heard of a father that went into a toy store, to purchase a toy for his son, so when the merchant brought the toy out, the father opened the box and looked at the instructions, he said, these are so intricated and convoluted and seemingly contradictory, I don't even believe that I could assemble this toy. And you say here, it's for a five year old. And the toy store, said yes, but it's an educational toy, no matter how he puts it together, it's wrong. And huh, it's to teach him how to live in today's world.

Well dear friend, I think that the way we put the world together, no matter what we try to do. We exchange one crisis for another crisis. And as C.S. Lewis said, "no arrangement of bad eggs will make a go ...

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