by Adrian Rogers

The Comfort of His Coming
Adrian Rogers
I Thessalonians 4:13

Turn please to First Thessalonians chapter four.
We're in a series of messages on the second coming of
Jesus Christ, under the general heading, "Our Coming
King," and He is coming. And I praise His name that
He is coming. As we have said, we ought to be living
as though He died yesterday, rose this morning, and
were coming back this afternoon. Well indeed He could
come this afternoon. And I hope that the idea of the
second coming of Jesus Christ will stir your heart as
we're in this series of messages taken from First and
Second Thessalonians.

Now let me give you the background for this
scripture. In I Thessalonians Chapter four the people
at Thessalonica had become confused. The reason they
were confused is because the Lord Jesus had promised
that he would come again. The Apostle Paul had taught
these Christians that Jesus Christ was coming. They
were expecting Christ in their life time and they were
saying, "at any moment, our Lord will come." In the
interval, some in their midst had died. They had laid
in the warm earth some of their loved ones. And they
said, "They have missed the second coming of Jesus.
They will not be here, they have died." They did not
understand all of the facts that you and I understand
about the second coming of our Lord. Look in verse
thirteen of I Thessalonians Chapter four and you will
get the idea. "But I would not have you to be
ignorant, brethren, concerning them who are asleep,
that you sorrow not, even as others which have no
hope." The word sleep here is the Bible word for the
death of a Christian. Because just asleep has it's
waking, we have our resurrection.

In verse thirteen you have the three problems
that these people in Thessalonica faced and many
people today face. What are those three problems?
First of all ignorance, secondly sorrow, and thirdly
hopelessness ...

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