by Adrian Rogers

Maximum Mom
Adrian Rogers
Proverbs 31:10-31

Turn to Proverbs chapter thirty-one, Proverbs Chapter thirty-one. In just a moment we'll begin our Bible study in verse ten right on through the end of the chapter. What you have here in Proverbs chapter thirty-one is God's picture of an ideal wife and mother. What I want to call the Maximum Mom. Now listen ladies, if you don't understand that this is an ideal, you're going to get very discouraged. A lot of ladies like to stop reading Proverbs in chapter thirty, they don't want to go right into chapter thirty-one, because this is an ideal. And I don't think there is a one of us uh who can reach the ideal, whether we be male or female. Now, thank God, God has given us a standard.

I heard about some cows who were out grazing in a field and they saw a milk truck go by and on the side of that milk truck it said something about the name of the dairy and then it began to advertise the milk. And it said that the milk was pasteurized, homogenized, sanitized, vitamin enriched. One of the cows said to the other one, "it it makes you feel inadequate. Doesn't it?" I think that as you were to read this, you would say, "I feel so inadequate," but what a wonderful, wonderful picture it is. Listen folks, it is better to reach for an ideal and miss it, than to aim for mediocrity and hit it squarely.

So here's what God says now in uh Proverbs chapter thirty-one, verse ten. "Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies." And then from there on, the writer of Proverbs gives us what we would call today, an acrostic. These twenty-two verses that follow, each one of them begins in order with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. And what he is doing, he has arranged a poem, which is a tribute to a virtuous woman, and indeed a tribute, I believe, to every virtuous mother that's in this congregation today. And I'm so glad. You're going to find out that this this maximum mom, this mom from "A" to "Z", if ...

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