by Adrian Rogers

Tuning Up Tired Marriages
Adrian Rogers
Ephesians 5:22-33

Open please to Ephesians chapter five, in a moment we are going to begin reading some very familiar passages. We cannot preach on the home or the "music of marriage" and ignore them, and so if they are not new to you I certainly pray that they will be fresh to you, because we are talking today about "tuning up tired marriages." Now sometimes marriage that starts out as an ideal then become an ordeal, and then we are looking for a new deal. And what we need to do is not to look for something new, but to take something old and keep it fresh and wonderful. Peter Marshall, a great preacher of yesteryear, said, "Dearly Beloved, the marriage relation when rightly understood and properly appreciated is the most delightful, as well as the most sacred and solemn of all human relations. It is the clasping of hands; it is the blending of lives; it is the union of hearts that two may walk together up the hill of life to meet the dawn, together bearing life's burdens, discharging its duties, sharing its joys and sorrows." And then the great Doctor Marshall went on to say, "Marriage is more than moonlight and roses, much more than the singing of love songs, and the whispering of vows of undying affection. In our day it is by many lightly regarded, and by many as lightly discarded, but marriage will ever remain in the sight of God an eternal union made possible by the gift of love which God alone can bestow." I think that's so wonderful; I think that's beautiful, and I think that it is well put, but many do not have the "music of marriage." Many do not have a magnificent marriage. Many do not even have a mediocre marriage. Many have a miserable marriage. Now I want us to do something about that because the devil knows that if he can hurt us at home, he can hurt us all over. He can hurt us everywhere. He can hurt us in the church, in the school, in society, in the nation, if he has hurt us at home, and so, satan, an ...

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