by Adrian Rogers

When Prayer Seems Unanswered
Dr. Adrian Rogers
Luke 1:5-17

Take your Bibles and turn to the Gospel according
to Luke chapter 1. I want to talk to you today about
prayer. Today is a nationwide call to prayer and I
want to talk to you on this subject, "When Prayer
Seems Unanswered."

Now that's a problem to many of us. We hear that we
are to pray and indeed we should, but so many times we
pray and our prayer seems unanswered. Look if you will
in Luke chapter 1 beginning in verse 5... [read Luke

Now, when we pray, we have to ask the question
sometimes, "Why doesn't God answer my prayer? Why does
my prayer seem to be, at any rate, unanswered?" You
know, first of all, sometimes our prayers are not
answered, very frankly, because we haven't asked.
There's the problem of unasked prayer, unoffered
prayer. Have you ever thought how many commands in the
Bible there are to pray? Whether you understand it or
not, the Bible commands us to pray. As a matter of
fact, first Samuel chapter 12, verse 23, Samuel said,
"God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in
ceasing to pray for you." Prayerlessness, very
plainly, is a sin. The Bible has commanded that we

First Thessalonians chapter 5 and verse 17, the
Bible commands that we are to pray without ceasing.
We're never to stop praying. Luke 18 verse 1, "and He
spake a parable unto them to this end that men ought
always to pray", always to pray. Mark 14 verse 38,
"Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation."
Very frankly, many of us are failing simply because we
do not pray."

There is no substitute for prayer--not eloquence,
not energy, not enthusiasm, not intellect. There is no
substitute for prayer. I came across this the other
day; I want to share it with you. I got up early one
morning and rushed right into the day. I had so much
to accomplish that I didn't have time to pray. Have
you ever been there? So mu ...

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