by Adrian Rogers

Dr. Adrian Rogers
II Corinthians 8:9

Tonight I'm going to tell you how to be wealthy. How
many of you have ever wanted to be wealthy? Let me
see your hands. All right. "'Tis the Season to Be
Wealthy," that's the title of my message tonight. Now
there are several ways that you can get wealth. One
way, I was mailed the other day, some very exciting
news from American Family Publishers. Boy this is
exciting! It says to me, if you return the winning
number in time, this is the new million dollar winners
list, and guess whose name is right at the top.
Adrian Rogers, Memphis, Tennessee, $10 million winner.
That's what it says. And then it says, everyone named
on this list is the guaranteed winner of from $1
million to $10 million. I'm on that list. That's
what it says, right there Brother Bob, in big red
print. Ten million bucks, me, I've got it. Well, of
course there's some more print here. It's a little
smaller, it says, "If you return the winning number in
time, then everyone on this list is the guaranteed
winner of from one million dollars to ten million
dollars." When I found this in the mail, I ran in and
I showed it to Joyce. I said, "Look, we're rich!"
She wasn't impressed. In fact she was remonstrated
with me because I said, "Honey, when you go to the
store, I want you to buy the toothpaste that's in the
little pump, where you push the thing down." She
said, "Do you realize how much you pay more for that
little pump. If you'd just squeeze it the old
fashioned way you could save money." I said, "Look,
we've got ten million dollars!" But she wasn't
impressed, so I don't guess I should be.

Well that's one way to get wealthy, but I wouldn't
count on that one. And I was reading a newspaper the
other day, and there are sunken treasures, fortunes
around the world. And it tells how these salvagers
are going down and they're going to the bottom of the
ocean. Why if ...

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