by Adrian Rogers

Don't Lie to The Holy Spirit
Adrian Rogers
Acts 5:1-42

Open your Bibles to Acts chapter five. The title of our message, ''Don't Lie to the Holy Spirit.'' Don't lie to the Holy Spirit. The title of the message this morning, ''Don't Mistreat Your Best Friend.'' And I told you that your best friend is the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit is Jesus in you. And um, he is the one who makes manifest the life of the Lord Jesus in your mortal flesh. What a wonderful, wonderful friend is the Holy Spirit.

Now, in the passage of scripture that I'm going to read to you, we find a phrase in here about lying to the Holy Ghost. May I tell you dear friend that all lies are serious. Now sometimes we tell little lies, you know we exaggerate a little bit and uh we think that's not quite so serious. I heard of one preacher who said to one preacher, as they were talking about their Sunday School statistics. This one preacher said, now if I lie about my attendance, and you know that I am lying about my attendance and I know that you know, isn't that like telling the truth? Huh huh. Sometimes we justify our dishonesty. Sometimes we lie about things that we think are frivolous. Most folks will lie a few pounds about their weight, isn't that true? They say that the seven ages of woman are baby, child, jr. miss, young woman, young woman, young woman, and young woman. Huh, huh. Now some lies we think are whimsical and maybe even humorous. But a lie is a very serious thing.

When I told you this morning that Jesus is known as the truth. Satan, the Bible says in John chapter eight verse 44, is a liar and the father of it. When you tell the truth, therefore, you give God an opportunity to work. When you tell a lie, you tell a lie because Satan has already been working.

Now let's see this passage of scripture that has caused us to entitle the message tonight, ''Don't lie to the Holy Spirit.'' ''But a certain man named Ananias, with Sapphira his wife, sold a possession, and ke ...

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