by Adrian Rogers

The Scars of Jesus
Adrian Rogers
Zechariah 13:6

Take your bible's and turn with me to the next to the last book in the old testament. The book of Zechariah. If you come to Malachi, just turn left a few verses, a few chapters and find chapter 13. Zechariah chapter 13 and in a moment, we're going to share one of the most interesting verses I in all of the bible; that's Zechariah chapter 13, and verse Zechariah chapter 13 and verse 6, ''and one shall say unto him, what are these wounds in thy hands and he shall answer, those with which I was wounded in the house of my '' what do these words and when will they be spoken.

Zechariah chapter 13 is a prophecy of the of the second of Jesus Christ. And the bible teaches that when Jesus Christ comes again those who're going to say with him', with amazement. They are going to be astounded. They're going to ask the risen, returning savior. What are those wounds in your hand? The nail print's will still be there. After two thousand years the nail prints are still and he will answer, ''That's where I was wounded in the house of my friends. Did you know ladies and gentlemen that in resurrected, glorified body of the Lord Jesus Christ that the scars of his crucifixion still remain.

Remember there in john the twentieth chapter after Jesus Christ had come out of the grave and doubting Thomas said, ''I don't believe he's been raised from the dead-''Jesus appeared and Thomas was there. And Jesus said to Thomas, take your finger and put it in the nail print. Put your hand there in the wound in my side. And don't be faithless, but be believing. And when Thomas saw those scars in the glorified body of Jesus he fell to his knees and said, my Lord and my God. Ladies and gentlemen, the scars of Jesus are on that glorified body in heaven. And when He comes again, He will bring those scars with Him.

The only man made thing in heaven are the scars of Jesus. And they are there for all eternity. And through the endless ages He ...

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